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26: Getting Creative with Digital Arts with Janaina Oliveira

Do you have some kind creative outlet that you use, in order to express what’s going on with you, and in your life? Did you know that creating art is really good for you, both emotionally and mentally? Today we are really excited to have Janaina Oliviera, of With2Worlds.Org as our guest on the show.

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25: Creative Storytelling Through Music and Lyrics with Forrest Eaglespeaker

Today we welcome our very first musician on the show! He is the delightful Canadian musician Forrest Eaglespeaker, founder of the band The North Sound and today he will be telling us about his storytelling, his music and the poetry of his lyrics, so listen in to find out more about Forrest and the wonderful music that he plays.

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22: Creatively Addressing Women’s Health Issues with Dr. Mary Guinan

Public health is a topic many of us aren’t sufficiently informed on, and should be. We aren’t aware of the work that’s going on behind the scenes, or the benefits we’re missing out on due to the lack of attentiveness to the world around us. Dr. Mary Guinan has written a book on the subject, traveled the world for vaccination work, and helped women recover rights that should be basic human rights.

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18: Increasing Your Creativity Quotient in Your Chosen Career with Dr. Eliza Chin

What is your creativity quotient in YOUR chosen career? Have you ever thought about it? Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that only certain careers allow for creativity, but, in reality, there is room for a creative approach almost everywhere! My guest today shares how she finds creativity in her work as a physician, and how women through generations have been creative in their endeavors to make a difference in the field of medicine.

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17: Varied Interests Can Enhance Your Creativity with Margot Potter

Has anyone ever tried to limit your creativity? Have you been criticized for “jumping from one thing to another”? My guest today is proof that varied interests and endeavors can enrich and enhance your innate creativity. Don’t be afraid to let your creative efforts flow in different directions!

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10: The Journey from Teaching to Acting with Keiko Elizabeth

Creativity comes in many forms, and even though many choose a career that isn’t particularly creative, you can find ways to leverage your creativity in that career. Other times, the creative soul isn’t being fed and that mandates a change in career. That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest. Keiko Elizabeth went through a mid-career transformation and she’s here to share her journey with us!

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