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09: Using Creativity in Your Finances with Lynn Evans

Do you know how many people are out there, who are really talented, yet just don’t realize it at all? The guest on today’s show, Lynn Evans, used to be that way, until someone pointed it out to her. Listen in today to find out what happened and how that motivated her to really tap in to her creativity.

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08: The Marriage of Art and Science with Dr. Kathryn Ko

Welcome to another episode of A Creative Approach Podcast! My special guest for today is Dr. Kathryn Ko. Kathryn grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and went to medical school at the University of Hawaii. She absolutely fell in love with the brain and central nervous system and wanted to pursue it.

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06: A Colorful Career with Color Burst Creator, Ken Oliver

Do people with passion inspire you? And do you enjoy learning from the creative ideas of interesting artists? If this is so for you, listen in to today’s show and find out more about Ken Oliver and what he does. You will also enjoy hearing about the quaint historic, riverside town that he is truly fortunate to call his home.

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05: Using Your Creativity to Influence Your Career with Kara Gott Warner

Are you looking to start a career in knitting design? Would you like to take a peek behind the curtain in the working life of an editor of a knitting magazine? Then join Karen Poirier-Brode on this week’s episode of “A Creative Approach Podcast” as she explores the working world of dynamic and versatile Kara Gott Warner.

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04: Using Creativity to Solve Global Social Problems with Dr. Padmini Murthy

Are you willing to be of service to others? Would you love to make a difference to the lives of less fortunate individuals, but aren’t sure how? Let Dr. Padmini Murthy activate your conscience and inspire you, as she talks to Karen Poirier-Brode about her experiences while working with the poorest of the poor, on this week’s episode of “A Creative Approach Podcast”.

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