Would you love to be a creative person, but think that only certain people are born that way? Do you have a desire to express something creatively, yet feel that you’re not talented enough to do it? If so, break through your limiting ideas and become inspired by this week’s guest on “A Creative Approach Podcast”, Charr Crail, as she is interviewed by Karen Poirier-Brode.

Charr Crail is a photographer, artist, photojournalist, and teacher who has won countless awards. During her formative years, she often accompanied her Dad, a newspaper-man and photographer, on his assignments. This showed her some crazy things in life and gave her a sense of the journalistic point of view. She is wildly enthusiastic about creativity and teaches people about finding their passion and following it, using various apps and media. Listen in as she encourages us all to discover the creativity that “we all have within us”.

Listen to Karen’s interview with Charr as they discuss:

  • How an inner revelation, spontaneously expressed, ended up forming her career.
  • The “out of the box” first job that shaped her and taught her to ‘experience’ people around photography.
  • How she followed her instincts and got to where she is today.
  • How being open to possibilities and saying “yes” can unleash creativity.
  • How she views Photoshop as having tremendous graphic design possibilities.
  • That passion feeds creativity.
  • The unexpected ways that she came about doing what she really loves.
  • How an iPhone inspires her to teach people to do digital imaging with their photos as a canvas.



Charr’s website:

charrcrail.org (The “Learn” section has a list of workshops and tutorials.)

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