Are you looking for new and exciting ways to add depth to your scrapbooking projects? Would you love to learn more about the art of digital scrapbooking? If so, join Karen Poirier-Brode, on A Creative Approach Podcast, as she interviews Cheryl Ashcraft, designer of digital scrapbook kits and templates, as they talk about Cheryl’s creative approach to digital scrapbooking.

Cheryl, a hometown girl from Florida, creates richly layered, intricately designed digital scrapbook templates, to help scrapbookers tell their story without the fuss or mess. When she’s not busy creating fabulous new template designs, Cheryl loves taking family photos, decorating her house, doing detailed pen and ink drawings and lately, dabbling with watercolors and mixed media. She is also an avid reader and an occasional cross stitcher. Let her explain how you can use digital kits and templates to become more creative with your scrapbooking.

Today, Cheryl talks to Karen about:

  • Her creative influences while growing up.
  • How she started out scrapbooking and how it developed with the use of digital media.
  • How she converts her drawings to digital.
  • The advantages of digital scrapbooking as compared to paper.
  • How she used old files and layouts to create a slideshow in very little time.
  • A good reason to save old PSD files.
  • How she stared designing digital templates and her approach.
  • Themed templates as compared to non-themed ones.
  • How to add authenticity to a digital scrapbook page.
  • How to add depth to your scrapbook design, using digital tools and templates.
  • How to do art journaling, using a traditional digital scrapbook kit.
  • How to create ‘hybrid’ projects, using her digital templates.
  • Her advice for anyone wanting to pursue digital template or kit design as a career.
  • Her advice to anybody wishing to become more creative.



Cheryl’s website:

Cheryl on Youtube: Watch Cheryl Scrap

Cheryl on Facebook: Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

Cheryl on Twitter: @fiddledeedeedzn

Cheryl on Instagram: Fiddledeedeedesigns

Cheryl on Pinterest: Fiddle-Dee-Dee

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