Creativity comes in many forms, and even though many choose a career that isn’t particularly creative, you can find ways to leverage your creativity in that career. Other times, the creative soul isn’t being fed and that mandates a change in career. That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest. Keiko Elizabeth went through a mid-career transformation and she’s here to share her journey with us!

Keiko Elizabeth grew up having career aspirations to be a Doctor and eventually studied Biology. Later she became a middle school teacher and was able to change the lives of children. Then, later in life, Keiko did the unexpected and became an actress.

Listen as Keiko shares the following with Karen:

  • How Keiko was introduced to the theater
  • Why she ended up transitioning out of teaching to acting
  • Hear the story of a student’s play that changed the course of her career
  • Learn what it took for Keiko to acting
  • It’s a tough road to landing acting gigs. Keiko shares how she landed her first ones.
  • How acting really meets Keiko’s need for collaboration
  • Learn some of the differences between doing theater productions and acting behind the camera.
  • Keiko shares how she tries to keep her work life and home life balanced.
  • Keiko’s son finally saw her on TV and it was an interesting experience.
  • Ways creativity plays a role in every acting gig that Keiko undertakes.


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