Do you get a lot of joy from your experience of crafting? If so, you’re really going to love today’s episode, with Ursula Morgan, the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Bug. Ursula firmly believes in the joyfulness to be found in crafting, from the delight of making something to the pleasure derived from receiving a beautifully crafted, handmade gift. Listen in to find out more about Ursula and her joyfully creative approach to life.

Creative Bug, which will be turning five on the 15th of May, is the award winning DIY Art and Craft Instruction site, with over a thousand videos, for all skill levels. Before Creative Bug, Ursula had a successful career as an Art Editor. She was also an award-winning Magazine Publisher, for what is known by some to be the UK’s favorite Knitting Magazine. Ursula was the Vice President of all the US operations through one of the United Kingdom’s largest publishing houses. Listen in today and find how Ursula helps artists to spread more joy every time she grows the audience of Creative Bug.

Today, Ursula talks to Karen about:

  • Creative Bug and what it has for creative people.
  • The really inexpensive cost for getting instruction from the best experts in the country, at Creative Bug.
  • The challenge of producing 2-4 shows per week.
  • The creative atmosphere and the awesome team at Creative Bug.
  • The hot off the press, great news about Creative Bug!
  • That Joanne Fabric and Craft Stores have allowed Creative Bug to retain its full creative autonomy and awesomeness!
  • Ursula’s creative life, growing up.
  • How Ursula ended up as the CEO of Creative Bug.
  • How she found herself able to ‘read’ spreadsheets and see a picture with them.
  • The huge craft portfolio that she built up, going from one to many pillars in crafting.
  • What she was doing in her job, when she moved here, to the US.
  • The risk she took, leaving her job and starting out on her own.
  • The ‘aha’ moments and breakthroughs she’s had in her crafting capabilities.
  • Their Friday ‘Crafternoons’ at Creative Bug and the new things Ursula’s learned to make.
  • Passions and deep passions.
  • What brought her to study design.
  • What brought her to the realization that you’re only limited by your own belief of what you can do, or not.
  • Her philosophy around creativity- that you just need to give yourself the time to return to your creative self.
  • They even have some sweet treats and baking classes at Creative Bug.
  • That you can even learn to sew with Creative Bug.
  • How you can find and sign up for Creative Bug and what you can get on the website.
  • You can have a two week trial for free.
  • That Creative Bug is now on Facebook Live.
  • What creativity really means to Ursula.
  • The Daily Challenges on the Creative Bug website.
  • Ursula’s advice for people wanting to get into the more professionally creative side of crafting, or teaching.


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