Are you someone who really likes to tell stories? Are you analytical and would you like to leave a legacy and your history behind one day? If so, you’re going to love today’s show, with Debbie Hodge. Debbie is a really steadfast pal to Karen and she’s also Karen’s boss in her Scrapbook work.  Karen contributes to Debbie’s site, Get It Scrapped, although she actually reports there to her assistant and team mate, Amy Kingsford. The focus of Get It Scrapped is on teaching both Layout Design and Storytelling on the Scrapbook Page, which is done either visually, or with words.  Listen in to find out more about Debbie and the really inspiring work that she does.

Karen is really excited to have Debbie on the show today, as they really go back quite a way. She’s fun to tease, laughs often and really values her family. Her scrapbook pages really are a true reflection of her life as a wife, mother, daughter and extended family member.  She is also a superlative teacher, with a real ability to analyze and summarize a topic and then present it in such a way that it really switches all your lights on! Debbie leads a number of people to successful online teaching, through her other online class site, Teach What You Do. Listen in now, as we share Debbie Hodge and her creative approach.

Show highlights:

  • Debbie gives a rundown on the things that she’s doing right now and what’s happening with Getting It Scrapped.
  • What you will find on Debbie’s Get It Scrapped Face book Group, which was set up at the end of last year.
  • Debbie’s free Webinars, of crops, where you can Scrapbook at home and either share it or just watch people Scrapbooking online. A great way to get to know people!
  • How do you find your tribe? Debbie ends up hanging around with the people who come to her crops.
  • Debbie discusses the things that are taught on her online class site, Teach What You Do.
  • What prompted Debbie to create Teach What You
  • Debbie’s collaboration with Amy Kingsford, which has really been good for her in many ways.
  • How Chat Box has really helped Debbie with what she does. She’s always trying the newest marketing techniques at Get It Scrapped and then teaching them at Teach What You Do.
  • Debbie chats about her Podcasts, which you can find at She really loves storytelling and wanted to do something different.
  • Debbie, who has an M.B.A. talks about her background in writing and tech.
  • Debbie explains where she comes from, with her really creative Mom, and how she came to be where she finds herself today, with Scrapbooking and Online Teaching.
  • Debbie’s current passion- teaching people how to teach artistic and creative processes.
  • Debbie shares her thoughts about creativity.
  • Debbie really encourages you to create something and find a community to share what you’ve made.


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