Public health is a topic many of us aren’t sufficiently informed on, and should be. We aren’t aware of the work that’s going on behind the scenes, or the benefits we’re missing out on due to the lack of attentiveness to the world around us. Dr. Mary Guinan has written a book on the subject, traveled the world for vaccination work, and helped women recover rights that should be basic human rights. Tune into this episode of a Creative Approach podcast, with your host, Karen Poirier-Brode, in order to become more informed on women’s vigor and public health.

Show Highlights:

  • Writing a book about public health
  • Informing people on public health
  • Becoming a part of the worldwide small-pox organization
  • Women physicians being banned from going to India
  • Vaccinating children
  • Women being traditional healers, but not being as widely accepted
  • Traveling to different villages to vaccinate people from disease
  • Traveling by elephant
  • Studying herpes
  • Being recruited back to CDC
  • Treating and researching women’s STD’s
  • Studying experimental factors of AIDS in San Francisco
  • America’s STD epidemic
  • Taking a moral stance
  • Having an actress portray a part after Mary
  • Difficulties for gay men when STD info was released
  • The need for keeping people updated
  • Founding a school for public health
  • Women being in charge of their own health
  • Ways to prevent abortion
  • Preventing unplanned pregnancy
  • Influences that pushed Mary into her profession
  • The difficulties of finding a career as a woman
  • Equality advancing for women
  • Creative advice
  • Women getting the equality and access they deserve


Adventures of a female Medical Detective  by Mary Guinan

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