Are you looking for some inspiration? If so, you will really enjoy listening to the interview with our guest for today, the very creative and naturally talented artist, Mou Saha. Mou was born and raised in India. She is an unassuming teacher with a bold spirit of exploration and she uses her mindful approach art to really inspire people to experiment with art media and color. Listen in today, to find out about what Mou, what she does, and how she got to do what she’s doing.    

Mou, a mixed-media artist, and a storyteller is an intelligent and very courageous woman. Her passionate and straightforward manner is reflected in the easy and pleasurable expression of her work. Despite the number of setbacks and complications she’s experienced in her life, she has produced some really meaningful work. Listen in to find out more about Mou’s really creative approach to life.

Show Highlights:

  • The way that Mou’s art classes have evolved over time.
  • Mou’s work has been published in a number of different publications.
  • What inspired Mou to start teaching.
  • Faber Castell launched a new brand for the crafting community and they reached out to Mou to do some projects for their launch. After seeing her work, they asked her to join the design team they were putting together.
  • Mou, as a child, really loved to draw- and she would draw everything!
  • Mou was an only child and her really artful family treated as a small adult. This really inspired her!
  • Although Mou was not very good at drawing accurately as a child, she used her drawing to express herself. She won a competition due to this.
  • In sixth grade, Mou was awarded a national scholarship for drawing. And after receiving the scholarship, she began to take her art more seriously.
  • Mou was already interested in doing counseling and psychology in the eighth grade, so she found out what she needed to do in order to do that.
  • How Mou discovered that she could move beyond what her parents had taught her about what was safe, and about what she could and could not do.
  • Everything came full circle for Mou when she moved to Tampa, Florida, after getting married.
  • Mou almost lost everything about herself in the process of coming to America, and she felt really lost.
  • How taking a course really helped her to gain a real perspective.
  • How Mou discovered scrapbooking.
  • How Mou coped with the devastating discovery of a lump in her breast.
  • How winning the grand prize for a scrapbooking competition really helped Mou.
  • Teaching people about what really matters with art.
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  • Creating the time to do something for yourself that you really love to do.


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