18: Increasing Your Creativity Quotient in Your Chosen Career with Dr. Eliza Chin

18: Increasing Your Creativity Quotient in Your Chosen Career with Dr. Eliza Chin

What is your creativity quotient in YOUR chosen career? Have you ever thought about it? Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that only certain careers allow for creativity, but, in reality, there is room for a creative approach almost everywhere! My guest today shares how she finds creativity in her work as a physician, and how women through generations have been creative in their endeavors to make a difference in the field of medicine.

Dr. Eliza Chin is a past president and current Executive Director of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA). I’ve known her for several years and have been privileged to work on projects with her. She is an active physician, author, and leader with many skills and ideas. Her interests include mentoring young women in medicine, geriatric medicine, women’s health, medical humanities, women’s leadership, and the history of women in medicine. Join me to learn more about Eliza’s creative approach!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Eliza began her work with AMWA as she wrote her first book
  • The challenges of balancing motherhood and being a physician
  • Her dream: to collect and publish stories of women in medicine
  • How the different divisions of AMWA help young women in the medical field
  • Eliza’s current practice and her work in different medical fields in her career
  • Initiatives and the mission of AMWA, covering the spectrum of women’s health and sex/gender issues
  • The recent focus of AMWA on arts and humanities
  • Coming soon to AMWA: a literary focus on written works by women in medicine and the launch of a Music in Medicine division
  • The creative influences on Eliza’s life
  • One of Eliza’s current projects: an exhibition of women physicians in WWI
  • How AMWA grants support medical clinics around the world
  • Why AMWA is still going strong after 102 years!
  • Why Eliza and her twin sister both became physicians
  • The important connection between medicine and creativity: it’s all about relationships!



This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine by Eliza Chin

17: Varied Interests Can Enhance Your Creativity with Margot Potter

Has anyone ever tried to limit your creativity? Have you been criticized for “jumping from one thing to another”? My guest today is proof that varied interests and endeavors can enrich and enhance your innate creativity. Don’t be afraid to let your creative efforts flow in different directions!

Margot Potter is three notches too loud, five notches too sparkly, and is aging disgracefully. She’s either a Renaissance woman or a “Jill of All Trades,” depending on which day you ask her. She’s a woman of diverse interests and talents who is a jewelry-maker and designer, author, actor, singer and has entertained in bands, in theater, and on television. Her colorful personality goes far beyond her bright pink hair! It’s always a delight to speak with Margot and hear her lively, intelligent, and occasionally provocative opinions. Join me to hear more about Margot and her creative life!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Margot’s background in theater, her acting and musical career, and her time at QVC
  • Margot’s books about jewelry-making and design, branding, and her upcoming book about life after 50
  • Margot’s life outside of crafting and her weekly live Facebook event, The Lady Party
  • The influences in Margot’s life: “finding joy in creativity”
  • How everything around us is connected to art and music
  • How nurturing teachers helped develop Margot’s creativity
  • How reading everything as a kid led to endless interest and endless inspiration
  • Find your spark and go with it!
  • How a new direction for Margot unlocked what was already there
  • Margot’s guiding force and mission: to arm people with the best products and techniques for discovering their own creativity






Find Margot on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter: Margot Potter

Find Margot on Snapchat: the margot potter

Find Margot Potter’s books on Amazon

15: Creatively Transforming Lives with Style with Chantera Gunn

15: Creatively Transforming Lives with Style with Chantera Gunn

Do you have clothes in your closet that you don’t wear‘? Do all of your clothes fit your Personality? This is what Chantera Gunn is here for! In the episode of A Creative Approach Podcast, Chantera is going to talk to us about herself and what she does for a living. How do you know if what you are wearing “goes” or what do you do when you can’t stop buying clothes but don‘t wear most of the ones that you already own‘? These are the questions that Chantera has the answer tol

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What Chantera does with your clothes
  • Does everybody “deserve” a stylist?
  • What a stylish like Chantera can do for you
  • How Chantera got her start as a stylist
  • What Chantera did to get her start as a personal stylist
  • How Chantera juggles being a stylist and a mother
  • Fashion tips from Chantera
  • The difference between men and women when it comes to fashion
  • How to be “authentically” yourself in your fashion choices


Chantera Gunn

A Creative Approach Podcast

10: The Journey from Teaching to Acting with Keiko Elizabeth

10: The Journey from Teaching to Acting with Keiko Elizabeth

Creativity comes in many forms, and even though many choose a career that isn’t particularly creative, you can find ways to leverage your creativity in that career. Other times, the creative soul isn’t being fed and that mandates a change in career. That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest. Keiko Elizabeth went through a mid-career transformation and she’s here to share her journey with us!

Keiko Elizabeth grew up having career aspirations to be a Doctor and eventually studied Biology. Later she became a middle school teacher and was able to change the lives of children. Then, later in life, Keiko did the unexpected and became an actress.

Listen as Keiko shares the following with Karen:

  • How Keiko was introduced to the theater
  • Why she ended up transitioning out of teaching to acting
  • Hear the story of a student’s play that changed the course of her career
  • Learn what it took for Keiko to acting
  • It’s a tough road to landing acting gigs. Keiko shares how she landed her first ones.
  • How acting really meets Keiko’s need for collaboration
  • Learn some of the differences between doing theater productions and acting behind the camera.
  • Keiko shares how she tries to keep her work life and home life balanced.
  • Keiko’s son finally saw her on TV and it was an interesting experience.
  • Ways creativity plays a role in every acting gig that Keiko undertakes.


Connect with Keiko:




09: Using Creativity in Your Finances with Lynn Evans

09: Using Creativity in Your Finances with Lynn Evans

Do you know how many people are out there, who are really talented, yet just don’t realize it at all? The guest on today’s show, Lynn Evans, used to be that way, until someone pointed it out to her. Listen in today to find out what happened and how that motivated her to really tap in to her creativity.

Lynn, who is a natural storyteller and a teacher, is an author, a podcaster, she’s involved with television and she’s a CPA. She’s written a book called “Power of the Purse”, as well as having written columns for newspapers and blogs for many years. When she first began writing, she wrote a personal finance column for a regional business journal. With that, she realized that she had found a specific rhythm in the process of writing, which allowed her to express herself without having to put much mind to the task, until it was completed. Later, when she was asked to write a book, she found yet another, new level of creativity coming to the fore. Join Karen and Lynn today to find out more about Lynn’s creative approach to life.

Today, Lynn talks to Karen about:

  • How her book came about.
  • How she ties being a CPA to her creativity.
  • What got her hooked on writing her book.
  • How she became someone who manages money, having grown up in a family which believed that women shouldn’t be involved with finances.
  • Her interview with an insurance company and what happened as a result.
  • How she learned about personal finance.
  • How she studied on her own at a college in Denver, Colorado, and passed the tests.
  • How, with the help of her mother, she started her first financial business.
  • How providing services is a great way in for sales.
  • That she’s the only company in North Eastern Pennsylvania that is what is called fee only.
  • What it means to be fee only.
  • Why she’s out there on the fringes of the people offering financial planning.
  • The type of presence she chooses to demonstrate, within financial planning, as a Media Brand.
  • How she loves starting new businesses, even though she’s sixty five years of age.
  • How she kept her head in 2007, 2008 and 2009, when the market tanked and her company lost half of it’s revenue.
  • How she decides which opportunities are for her.
  • How many women feel overwhelmed by personal finance.
  • How she’s perceived as an expert in her field, yet she feels like a ditz with her own finances.
  • Why she thinks it a good idea for women to work with women, when it comes to financial planning.
  • Why it makes sense to do your financial planning sooner, rather than later.
  • Lynn’s idea of money circles.


Lynn’s websites: www.lynnsevans.com

and   www.powerofthepursepodcast.com

Lynn’s Podcast: The Power of the Purse Podcast

08: The Marriage of Art and Science with Dr. Kathryn Ko

08: The Marriage of Art and Science with Dr. Kathryn Ko

Welcome to another episode of A Creative Approach Podcast! My special guest for today is Dr. Kathryn Ko. Kathryn grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and went to medical school at the University of Hawaii. She absolutely fell in love with the brain and central nervous system and wanted to pursue it. She moved to New York and did a residency and a neurosurgery. Kathryn got into art also and has combined her two loves by getting a degree in representational painting with a medical emphasis.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Where Kathryn’s inspiration comes from
  • Why Kathryn uses mostly acrylic paints
  • Why there are so many great speakers in the medical field
  • How and why you should pursue your passion now before it is too late to really pursue it
  • What led Kathryn to purse art
  • What is Kathryn’s interest in music
  • When Kathryn got into science
  • How Kathryn’s race and gender affected her as a young girl and an adult
  • What Kathryn’s approach is to creativity

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