30: The Unlimited Creativity of Online and Offline Scrap-booking with Jill Sprott

30: The Unlimited Creativity of Online and Offline Scrap-booking with Jill Sprott

Creativity is allowed to grow and flourish in a community. We see it in just about every art or craft. Thanks to the internet, we are more connected to fellow crafters than ever before, and the results are stunning. Together, we can share stories, draw inspiration, and give perspective. The more connections we make, the deeper our wellspring of creativity seems to run. My guest today, Jill Sprott, knows that all too well. She is using her creativity to celebrate the diverse collection of artists that have joined together over scrapbooking and storytelling. Today, she is going to show us how the two go hand-in-hand.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Jill was encouraged by her mother and teachers to stretch her creative muscles. For a long time, Jill only expressed her creativity through writing. She found poetry and journaling to be the best medium to share her stories, but many times she found herself drawn to visual images as the best means of communication. After becoming an English teacher, Jill was introduced to Scrapbooking. Though at first she only thought of it as “pictures and stickers,” Jill realized that a scrapbook might be an excellent storytelling device.

Just like poetry can give form to our most personal stories, scrapbooks offer the same kind of form and structure. It is a blank canvas and a chance to make your mark. For Jill, taking part of the online scrapbooking community opened the door to the rest of the world. Now, she is giving back by teaching online classes and sharing her creative inspiration through writing. I know you will enjoy hearing how Jill has married writing and scrapbooking. She has made some incredible pieces, and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it. The creative community is a wonderful place to be, and I am so happy you are here with me.

More in this episode:

  • Jill tells us all about the many things she is interested in.
  • Learn where you can find Jill’s scrapbooking endeavors.
  • The online scrapbooking community is somewhat of a lifeline.
  • Creativity is a kind of sanctuary from fear.
  • Writing and visual art can go hand-in-hand.
  • Jill was more reluctant to start scrapbooking, but she quickly found her niche.
  • We want to celebrate the diversity in the community.
  • Jill shares what it is like to grow up in Hawaii.
  • Mothers and teachers can be the most inspiring cultivators of creativity.
  • The various challenges of online v. in-person classes.

Links and Resources

Jill’s blog: Word Play Word Work

Get It Scrapped: Debbie Hodge


26: Getting Creative with Digital Arts with Janaina Oliveira

26: Getting Creative with Digital Arts with Janaina Oliveira

Do you have some kind creative outlet that you use, in order to express what’s going on with you, and in your life? Did you know that creating art is really good for you, both emotionally and mentally? Today we are really excited to have Janaina Oliviera, of With2Worlds.Org as our guest on the show. Janaina uses Digital Art to tell her stories and she also teaches these skills online. She loves to share these skills with others because she really believes in using an artistic expression of our ideas, for maintaining good mental health, so listen in now, to find out more about Janaina and her creative approach to life.

Brazilian born Janaina, who started out, back in the day, as a Card Maker, is a Digital Scrapbooker and a Storyteller. She views herself as a Digital Artist because she’s fascinated with all kinds of Digital Art and she really makes every effort to communicate and teach people some of the skills that she uses, in order to tell her stories. She has her blog, she has the classes that she teaches, where she shares her unique style of art and now she also writes a column for Scrapreneur.Com, about Digital Art. Listen in today, as Janaina speaks about the creativity in her life and she reflects on the topic of A Creative Approach.

Show highlights:

  • The Design work that Janaina does for others.
  • Janaina’s favorite Apps.
  • You can download a PDF list, with a guide to all the apps that Janaina uses and what they do.
  • Janaina has a Facebook Group called 2wards Digital Education. She goes live on Thursdays, so sign up!
  • Janaina has a document, posted in her Facebook Group, about the apps that are for Androids, and the ones that are for iPhones.
  • What ‘artsy’ means to Janaina.
  • The therapeutic value of creating art mindfully.
  • Janaina’s recently completed studies, where she combined her creativity in art with her approach to solving problems.
  • The reason behind the particular route that Janaina has taken, with her schooling.
  • How Janaina got started with her Scrapbooking.
  • Janaina’s early life and how she got onto that path that she’s on, currently.
  • What it really takes, to become an artist and create great art.
  • The importance of learning to use the things that you learn.
  • Being fearless and having the courage to put your own twist on things, regardless of what others may think.
  • Why Janaina really loves the work of Byron Katie.
  • Some questions you could ask yourself, to discover your hidden creativity.
  • How Janaina uses regular pictures of her life, to create her art.
  • The different looks that Janaina creates, using different Digital Products.
  • Why Janaina stopped doing Paper Scrapbooking.
  • There is really something for everyone, in Digital Art.
  • Hidden Journalling, with Digital.


For Janaina’s Online Column, go to: Scrapreneur

You can also find Janaina at Get It Scrapped or Debbie Hodge

For Janaina’s blog (and also to find her PDF list of apps), go to With 2 Worlds


24: Creatively Using Video on Social Media with Jennifer Priest

24: Creatively Using Video on Social Media with Jennifer Priest

What does it take to run a successful creative business? Crafters and Artists have a unique set of challenges to face once we decide to turn our hobbies and passions into something profitable. Of course, there’s the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. For some, it might be a challenge to monetize their creativity. Marketing to reach an audience can also be a struggle for many. It looks like we might need a Creative Approach to solving some common business problems. I cannot think of anyone more creative than Jennifer Priest, my guest today.

Jennifer’s love of the arts started with scrapbooking but has since bloomed into a love of all crafts. She’s been doing online business for many years, but she started out as a teacher. Jennifer never thought she’d quit her 9-5 job and pursue her creative passions as a career, but when she was let go, that decision was made for her. She hasn’t turned back since! Now, Jennifer helps other creative business owners and entrepreneurs strategize their efforts and reach their audiences through social media. Jennifer is going to share with us today how you can utilize online tools like Live Video to promote your business and put some of those fears at ease. You will leave this conversation ready to step out and take action!

Show Highlights:

  • Jennifer shares how she has collected crafts over the years.
  • Translating creative approaches into an industry like marketing.
  • Problems many people have in promoting creativity.
  • Jennifer shares her upcoming teaching course #Pro.
  • Coming from a creative family influenced Jennifer’s pursuit of a creative career.
  • Being fired allowed Jennifer to have a Creative Entrepreneurial career.
  • Efficiency and organization on your best friends.
  • Learn the #1 Way to Be Organized.
  • The huge social benefits of joining into the crafting community.
  • Jennifer loves private coaching and consulting!
  • Our suggestions for Social Media Role Models.
  • Going Live is easy and profitable.


Check out Jennifer at all of her Online Homes!

Smart Creative Social

Smart Fun Diy

Register for the Hashtag Pro course!


23: The Beauty of Being Different with Anna Aspnes

23: The Beauty of Being Different with Anna Aspnes

One of the best things about art and design is its playfulness. Have you ever stopped to see your latest project as a playground? Maybe you are like so many of us and you caught up in chronological order, the perfect edges, and the ideal composition? Take a breath, take a step back, and let my guest Anna Aspnes show you a thing or two about how to have fun with your work.

Anna is a self-proclaimed creator of Digital Artistry, a style that blends traditional paper craft and scrapbooking elements with the unlimited potential of digital art. Anna is passionate about capturing memories through storytelling with a point of view entirely her own. As an Army Wife always on the move and living so far away from her native England, Anna started using Digital Artistry as a way to capture memories her growing family. Over time, she developed templates and teaching modules to help you bring her flavor of Digital Artistry into your favorite stories. With just a little knowledge of Photoshop, Anna can help you take personal memories into a playful space where you can express yourself. I am excited to bring to you today her design process and emphasis on genuine creative passion. Allow yourself some Artplay today!

Show Highlights:

  • Anna shares her design process with me.
  • How Anna’s Digital Artistry has transformed over time.
  • Teaching others how to master the concepts of Digital Artistry, including Photoshop.
  • Anna is an advocate for Artplay; no perfectionism here.
  • A bit of photography advice.
  • The unsung power of capturing memories in a scrapbook.
  • Fighting the sense of obligation by choosing projects that bring you joy.
  • How Anna’s Military upbringing and marriage shaped her career in artistry.

Anna’s Bio:

Anna Aspnes creates DigitalART for people who want to create dynamic and effortless art.

Her passion is to help you commemorate and honor your life by helping you to flex your creative muscles in a way that is both unique and truly exhilarating.

Before she could walk, Anna spent endless hours at a coffee table intent on creating magic with a crayon in hand. Today, she shares this same magic at a different table by creating sophisticated contemporary DigitalART designed to be used by creatives and non-creatives alike.

Anna Aspnes offers digital art elements, mentorship, and education support through more than a decade of experience in modern memory keeping and DigitalART creation. As a pioneer in this industry, she breaks the rules and provides a unique approach to story-telling.

Anna is British native living in Colorado with her husband, 2 children, and dogs, enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.


A Creative Approach Podcast on Facebook:

Anna’s Website

Anna Aspnes Designs

Find Anna’s designs at Oscraps


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20: British Isles Travelogue: Feeding Creativity with Karen Poirier Brode

20: British Isles Travelogue: Feeding Creativity with Karen Poirier Brode

Do you believe that travel makes your life richer and inspires your creativity? Well, I certainly do and today, I’m going to tell my travel story. I think that if you take every opportunity to explore as far and as often as your time and money allow, you will truly improve your life. Please visit the Facebook page of A Creative Approach Podcast and the Patreon page on the Podcast website, www.acreativeapproachpodcast.com to access the photos. Listen in now, to hear the first part of my story.

Show highlights:

  • My trip started in San Francisco, with a talk by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the host of Star Talk Radio, at the elegant Davies Symphony Hall, where he spoke about his latest book, Astro Physics For People In A Hurry. Science really can be a lot of fun!
  • We spent a night at the legendary Mark Hopkins Hotel, at the top of Nob Hill. The charming little touches of old time elegance are so unlike the stark finishes of contemporary hotels.
  • Off to Chinatown to explore and have lunch the next day. It’s always so bustling and colorful!
  • After an overnight flight with United, we landed in London and took an Uber to The Houston Hilton, which is just across from the British Medical Association and the Greek Revival style St Pancras Church. The excursion began with London in mind, because of the celebration of the centenary of The Medical Women’s Federation of England. As a member of the Medical Women International Association, I wanted to celebrate with my physician sisterhood.
  • The first event of the conference that I attended, was a reception at an office building that incorporates the former Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital. The historic sites of the Royal College of Medicine and The Royal College of Surgeons also served as meeting venues. Go to karenscorneroftheweb.blogspot.com to see the photos of these buildings.
  • The Hunterian Museum, at the Royal College of Surgeons, features collections of anatomical and pathological specimens of humans and animals, as well as models, instruments, and art of surgery, from the 1800’s to the present.
  • We attended an evening of lectures at the Royal College Of Medicine, where Princess Anne was a speaker and she discussed her work with Save The Children.
  • The female guests at the conference were invited by Baronness Von ???, a physician and peer in government, to attend a banquet at The House Of Lords for a celebration of the Medical Women’s Federation’s Centennial. Princess Sophie, the Duchess of Gloucester attended the dinner, as she is Patroness of the Medical Women’s Federation.
  • The London Eye is opposite The House Of Lords.
  • The Medical Women’s Federation arranged a private boat tour, for the attendees to travel from London to Greenwich, on the Thames.
  • It was a delight for us to stop at the historic Trafalgar Tavern.
  • I was treated to The London Eye, for Mother’s Day. It’s a tourist attraction that I unequivocally recommend!
  • We became acquainted with the National Health Service, due to a minor health emergency.
  • Cal became curious about a bar, which was in a yarn shop, so the proprietress informed him, of course, there was a wide selection of beverages, as many ladies came to her boutique for knitting groups!
  • We dined at La Barca, an Italian Restaurant which became our favorite restaurant of our entire vacation.
19: Teaching Layout Design and Storytelling on the Scrapbook Page with Debbie Hodge

19: Teaching Layout Design and Storytelling on the Scrapbook Page with Debbie Hodge

Are you someone who really likes to tell stories? Are you analytical and would you like to leave a legacy and your history behind one day? If so, you’re going to love today’s show, with Debbie Hodge. Debbie is a really steadfast pal to Karen and she’s also Karen’s boss in her Scrapbook work.  Karen contributes to Debbie’s site, Get It Scrapped, although she actually reports there to her assistant and team mate, Amy Kingsford. The focus of Get It Scrapped is on teaching both Layout Design and Storytelling on the Scrapbook Page, which is done either visually, or with words.  Listen in to find out more about Debbie and the really inspiring work that she does.

Karen is really excited to have Debbie on the show today, as they really go back quite a way. She’s fun to tease, laughs often and really values her family. Her scrapbook pages really are a true reflection of her life as a wife, mother, daughter and extended family member.  She is also a superlative teacher, with a real ability to analyze and summarize a topic and then present it in such a way that it really switches all your lights on! Debbie leads a number of people to successful online teaching, through her other online class site, Teach What You Do. Listen in now, as we share Debbie Hodge and her creative approach.

Show highlights:

  • Debbie gives a rundown on the things that she’s doing right now and what’s happening with Getting It Scrapped.
  • What you will find on Debbie’s Get It Scrapped Face book Group, which was set up at the end of last year.
  • Debbie’s free Webinars, of crops, where you can Scrapbook at home and either share it or just watch people Scrapbooking online. A great way to get to know people!
  • How do you find your tribe? Debbie ends up hanging around with the people who come to her crops.
  • Debbie discusses the things that are taught on her online class site, Teach What You Do.
  • What prompted Debbie to create Teach What You Do.com.
  • Debbie’s collaboration with Amy Kingsford, which has really been good for her in many ways.
  • How Chat Box has really helped Debbie with what she does. She’s always trying the newest marketing techniques at Get It Scrapped and then teaching them at Teach What You Do.
  • Debbie chats about her Podcasts, which you can find at getitscrapped.com. She really loves storytelling and wanted to do something different.
  • Debbie, who has an M.B.A. talks about her background in writing and tech.
  • Debbie explains where she comes from, with her really creative Mom, and how she came to be where she finds herself today, with Scrapbooking and Online Teaching.
  • Debbie’s current passion- teaching people how to teach artistic and creative processes.
  • Debbie shares her thoughts about creativity.
  • Debbie really encourages you to create something and find a community to share what you’ve made.


Debbie’s websites: www.debbiehodge.com

Karen’s website: www.acreativeapproachpodcast.com

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