12: Big Ass Crafting with Mark Montano

12: Big Ass Crafting with Mark Montano

Today’s Big Ass Guest is Mark Montano- he’s at the top of Karen’s list when it comes to having a creative approach! She’s been a great fan of his, since seeing him on Trading Spaces and she has many of his books and watches lots of his Facebook Live videos. Listen in and find out more about Mark, what he does and how he really inspires people.

Mark is a Designer, a Television Host and the Best Selling Author of the really popular Big Ass Craft Book Series, which are the best selling craft books in the United States. He also works as a Creative Consultant for DecoArt and as a Creative Director for Eclectic Products. Listen in today and find out about Mark’s wonderfully creative approach to life.



Today, Mark talks to Karen about:

  • What he does with Facebook Live and some other projects.
  • How he decided, at the age of thirteen, that he would move to New York and become a fashion designer.
  • How he eventually did become a fashion designer and worked for Oscar de la Renta, before starting his own collection.
  • How he was asked to write a monthly article for Cosmo Girl Magazine.
  • How his articles for Cosmo Girl turned into his book series.
  • How his career moved from Fashion into Interiors, after landing a TV show called While You Were Out.
  • How he ended up moving to Los Angeles.
  • How he moved into doing Youtube movies and Facebook Live.
  • Live events- he finds them fun, but exhausting.
  • The Association For Creative Industries – The new name for the CHA.
  • How he was constantly making things while growing up.
  • Traveling and performing with the Kashari Indian Dancers, as a child.
  • His education- starting with a degree in marketing and business, then The Fashion Institute where he studied the history of fashion.
  • That he views fashion as art.
  • That being smart with your money is the only way you can be successful in a creative industry.
  • The biggest question- What creativity really means to him.
  • How he came up with his big ass name for his books, now in their 29th
  • The new book that he wrote recently, about how to stay on track in your life and avoid distractions, while working from home.
  • The normal tasks you do that make you a creative person.


Mark’s website and blog: Mark Montano

Mark on Youtube: Mark Montano

Mark on Facebook: Mark Montano


Google ‘make your mark’ and he’ll pop up!


Books: The Big Ass Book Of Crafts by Mark Montano

And all his other books are available from Amazon

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