08: The Marriage of Art and Science with Dr. Kathryn Ko

08: The Marriage of Art and Science with Dr. Kathryn Ko

Welcome to another episode of A Creative Approach Podcast! My special guest for today is Dr. Kathryn Ko. Kathryn grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and went to medical school at the University of Hawaii. She absolutely fell in love with the brain and central nervous system and wanted to pursue it. She moved to New York and did a residency and a neurosurgery. Kathryn got into art also and has combined her two loves by getting a degree in representational painting with a medical emphasis.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Where Kathryn’s inspiration comes from
  • Why Kathryn uses mostly acrylic paints
  • Why there are so many great speakers in the medical field
  • How and why you should pursue your passion now before it is too late to really pursue it
  • What led Kathryn to purse art
  • What is Kathryn’s interest in music
  • When Kathryn got into science
  • How Kathryn’s race and gender affected her as a young girl and an adult
  • What Kathryn’s approach is to creativity

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