27: Using Your Creativity to Help Others Tap Into Their Creativity with Eileen Hull

27: Using Your Creativity to Help Others Tap Into Their Creativity with Eileen Hull

Creativity rarely happens on an island by yourself. The crafting community is filled to bursting with strength, support, and heart, which is just what we need to celebrate during a season of gratitude. My guest today is Eileen Hall, and she has certainly discovered all of those things and more. Eileen is a Paper Trail traveling adventurer who crafts her way across the country. Through her digital media, Eileen also teaches and shares her inspiration with followers from all over the world. What makes Eileen’s teaching even better is that she considers her “followers” her friends. She has learned how to lean into the crafting community, and as a result, she has created wonderful work that inspires so many.

Eileen isn’t just rambling about in her vintage trailer, Scotty; she is also creating die products for Sizzyx. Each die is designed and crafted with a team Eileen loves working with. These dies came about as a brilliant solution to a real crafting puzzle. Using both creativity and critical thinking, Eileen is determined to give you creative solutions to all of your problems.

I am so thankful to have been able to sit down and chat with Eileen today. Our conversation is filled with so much heart and compassion. If you are in need of a little pick-me-up, give this episode a listen, and make sure to check out all the ways you can be a part of Eileen’s creative community.

More in this episode:

  • Eileen shares all about the products she creates for crafters and artists like me.
  • What exactly is a design team? How did it turn into a fan club?
  • Scotty the Vintage trailer is full of adventures!
  • How Eileen uses Facebook Live to connect with everyone on all her adventures.
  • The other craft adventures that Eileen teaches to others.
  • From health care to crafting! Eileen shares how crafting became such a huge part of her life.
  • How Eileen got involved creating dies.
  • Share designs, even though the sad truth is that people steal.
  • Eileen is motivated by deadlines, but she is rarely short on ideas.
  • Crafters are kindred spirits.
  • How to get your hands on Eileen’s designs.
  • Last little thoughts on creativity.
  • The beauty of community with Facebook Live.


Eileen Hull

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