06: A Colorful Career with Color Burst Creator, Ken Oliver

06: A Colorful Career with Color Burst Creator, Ken Oliver

Do people with passion inspire you? And do you enjoy learning from the creative ideas of interesting artists? If this is so for you, listen in to today’s show and find out more about Ken Oliver and what he does. You will also enjoy hearing about the quaint historic, riverside town that he is truly fortunate to call his home.

Ken is an artist, marketer and a traveler from the picturesque town of Newburgh, in Indiana. He helps companies to develop craft products, which are then brought to the crafts and arts industry. Join Ken today, as he talks to Karen about his work and travels and also about his town, one of the oldest River Ports in the USA. Newburgh is recognized as an important historical site- the town was settled in 1803, even before Indiana became a state!

Today, Ken talks to Karen about:

  • The products that he currently works with.
  • Colorburst- what it is and the amazing effects you can create, using it.
  • The fun he has, decorating the front of his 19th century building with seasonal décor.
  • The people he meets from all over the world- at his front door!
  • Interesting historical facts about his town.
  • The architecture of Newburgh, much of which predates the civil war.
  • The river cruisers and replicas of 19th century steamboats on the Ohio River.
  • Calliope- the unique music of steamboats.
  • The wonderful places he’s worked and traveled in his career.
  • His Hometown Papers line, inspired by the charm and architecture of Newburgh.
  • The things that inspire him, creatively.
  • Ken’s advice to push you past limits you may think you have, artistically.
  • What makes his cards unique and different?
  • What you can gain from doodling.
  • Ken’s creative approach to his business… and cooking.



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