25: Creative Storytelling Through Music and Lyrics with Forrest Eaglespeaker

25: Creative Storytelling Through Music and Lyrics with Forrest Eaglespeaker


Today we welcome our very first musician on the show! He is the delightful Canadian musician Forrest Eaglespeaker, founder of the band The North Sound and today he will be telling us about his storytelling, his music and the poetry of his lyrics, so listen in to find out more about Forrest and the  wonderful music that he plays.

Forrest has been playing the guitar and singing in his band, The North Sound, for the last two and a half years.  In January of this year, they released their debut album, The Valley and one of the songs from that album, Sunshine, became a number one hit on the Indigenous Music charts in Canada. Since then, things have been going well and they have released another EP, titled SKAB. With those two albums out in the Universe, they’re hanging out to see what comes next. Listen in to find out more!

Show highlights:

  • Forrest talks about Earthsongs, an American Indigenous Music station based in Alaska and L.A., who ran a feature on Forrest’s band.
  • The current, modern, underground scene, with a vast amount musicians who happen to be indigenous, making tons of amazing music.
  • The struggle for underground, indigenous musicians to get their music to reach the forefront.
  • The goal of the Indigenous Music stations.
  • Why it’s so difficult for Forrest to characterise his really melodic, alternative, music.
  • The biggest part of the music for Forrest- the storytelling.
  • Where The North Sound is at right now.
  • The really great group of musicians that Forrest has been playing with, in Calgary, over the last two years.
  • How Forrest started out with his music.
  • The influence of Forrest’s indigenous identity on his music.
  • The difficulties that Forrest used to experience, around his cultural identity.
  • The influence of Hip Hop on Forrest and his music.
  • What creativity means to Forrest.
  • Forrest’s creative vision for the future.


Forrest’s website: www.thenrthsnd.com

Forrest on Instagram: thenrthsnd

You can also find Forrest’s music on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes

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