34: A Creative Approach to Fine Art with Diane Richey-Ward

34: A Creative Approach to Fine Art with Diane Richey-Ward

What really inspires your creativity? Do you ever use the time it takes to do your routine tasks as an opportunity to reflect on things? And if so, do you make use of those reflective moments for your inspiration? Some of my most creative ideas have come to me while preparing a meal, or while doing laundry. And at times I allow myself to really indulge in the sensory input from my surroundings while getting completely lost in the moment. I focus on the colors, textures and my feelings at the time and then the creative force usually follows a bit later. I also love to see what other people are making, as the creativity of others can be a wonderful source of stimulation for new ideas too! Today’s story will offer many insights into the life of a fine artist, as I have Diane Richey-Ward with me as the guest on today’s show. She’s a fine artist based in Sacramento and she was also my drawing teacher a while back. Listen in today to find out about Diane’s creative approach to fine art.

Diane has been working mainly with the medium of drawing for the past thirty years. Every ten years she alters her approach, changing from drawing only to mixing drawing with sculpture or with other, different media. Her latest interest has been mixing drawing with photography and she’s been busy with that for the last three years. She features her latest work in an awesome show which is going on currently, at the Eastry Gallery in Sacramento. Today Diane talks to us about her widespread experiences and about the shows she’s had, all over the world. Listen in now to find out more!

Show highlights:

  • What inspired Diane’s idea of mixing drawing with photography.
  • Diane discusses her love for both drawing and photography.
  • What gives Diane the fantastic feeling of unlimited potential that she experiences, as an artist.
  • How Diane’s creativity has really increased, since her retirement
  • How architecture has featured prominently in Diane’s latest work.
  • The way that traveling provides inspiration for Diane’s work.
  • What art residency is all about.
  • What got Diane into teaching art for almost twenty-three years.
  • The most satisfying aspect of being an art teacher for Diane.
  • Why being retired is so much fun for Diane.
  • Why doing things other than art sometimes is a good idea.
  • How Diane initially got into art.
  • The hard work and perseverance that is required to become a successful artist.
  • The kind of venues that Diane prefers for her shows.
  • The key influences in Diane’s life as an artist.
  • Some tips to help you when you apply for art residencies.
  • A way to get a fresh, new perspective on things, if you run into a creative roadblock.


Photos of some of Diane’s work are available to everyone at A Creative Approach (on the Patreon page.)

They will also be available to the members of the Creative Approach Facebook group on the Creative Approach Facebook group page.

03: Coloring Outside the Lines with Erin Manning

03: Coloring Outside the Lines with Erin Manning

Do creative people inspire you? Would you like to enhance your own creativity, or nourish it in your children? If so, let this week’s dynamic and versatile guest on  “A Creative Approach Podcast”, Erin Manning, encourage you to “color outside the lines” as she is interviewed by Karen Poirier-Brode.

Erin Manning is a warm-hearted, enthusiastic and talented photographer, author, teacher and media personality,  acknowledged for her friendly and clear style of teaching. She is best known as the host of the award-winning TV series “The Whole Picture”. Her methods encourage students to be bold and true to their innate nature. Let her innovative and entrepreneurial approach urge you towards living a more fulfilling and creative life as you “let your inner voice come out”.

Listen to Erin talk to Karen about:

  • How she became a trend setter while still in grade school.
  • Her love of clothes and fashion, which prompted her to seek creative ways to make money.
  • Her numerous bold and creative, youthful enterprises.
  • Her “Twenty-year college plan” to obtain her B.A. and why it worked for her to get her degree at the age of forty-one.
  • What shaped her attitude as a teacher.
  • How her passion for photography began at the age of seven.
  • How taking candid shots inspired her to write a book.
  • Her modeling career and how it helped her to become a better, more empathetic photographer.
  • The fun places that Erin teaches.
  • How she began teaching photography while traveling.
  • How her upbringing helped her creative development.
  • How she juggles many activities at the same time, all with the theme of being creative and creating imagery.


Erin’s website: www.erinmanning.com

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