07: Coffee, Comics and Craft-lebrities with Tiffany Price

07: Coffee, Comics and Craft-lebrities with Tiffany Price

If you’re inspired by wacky people who live multi- faceted, creative lives, listen in to today’s show, as Karen interviews her guest, Tiffany Price and explores her creative approach, to the world of ‘craft-lebrities’ and acting.

Tiffany, who lives in the Los Angeles area, is a comedic actress turned girl boss, having recently started out as a business woman and owner of The Perky Nerd- a Comic Book Shop that sells cold brew coffee and hosts lots of events. Tiffany also pursues her career endeavors as an actress, writer, and producer of web series, like Craft Ladies and recently found herself in the role of new mom, to little Jack. Listen in to the show today, as Tiffany shares her creative approach to acting, business… and being a nerd.

Today, Tiffany talks to Karen about:

  • Who she is and what she does.
  • How she started out in her career.
  • The ongoing animal theme in her life.
  • How she almost opened a Cat Cafe.
  • Her comic book shop, a place where people feel comfortable being nerdy.
  • Her web series, “The Craft Ladies.”
  • What ‘a creative approach’ means to Tiffany.
  • Why she wouldn’t want her son to be a child actor.
  • How she sees herself as a perfect combination of crafts and comedy.
  • Tiffany’s approach to crafts.
  • Where the concept for her shop came from.
  • Tiffany’s advice to people starting out with a career in the arts.
  • How acting forces you to become open to rejection.
  • The importance of staying mentally strong and grounded in the acting industry.
  • Treating yourself as a business, in the acting world.
  • How she almost opened a Chick-Fil-A outlet…
  • How her business is a hub of creativity in Tiffany’s life, feeding her soul and attracting the right people.
  • How people’s support really inspires and validates her.
  • Her plans to start an online store and to formulate an outlet for women to create- writing blogs and to generally share their ‘nerdery’.



Tiffany’s website: The Perky Nerd

Tiffany on Twitter: @tiffanyaprice

Tiffany on Instagram: @tiffanyaprice

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